Why I designed AquaPlane

By Chris Shore

The Amateur Swimming Association states that the first and most important lesson for a child learning to swim is their body position. Without this they cannot progress efficiently to the next stage of their development.

There are many issues with swimming aids such as restricting a child’s movement, incorrect buoyancy levels and lowering a child’s confidence when the aids are removed.

Through my own experience of being a swimming teacher, and working with a variety of children and staff, I wanted to remove these barriers to children learning. I wanted a piece of equipment that can be used by a qualified swimming teacher or parent to help a child learn the life skill of swimming.

Back floats are a great piece of equipment used within most swim schools to better a child’s swimming position, but they only assist in early swimming development. When learning, children develop water confidence using back floats, but when the child is ready to move to the next phase of swimming without the float, they tend to regress in confidence as they have nothing to hold onto or have nothing that supports them. Aquaplane is different. It’s a multi-functional swimming aid that a child can hold in front of them as a kick board as well as a back float.

Aquaplane’s was designed as a multi use technology, providing the best swimming aid to be used throughout a child’s WHOLE swimming development. It’s also an ideal toy for the pool or sea, and if it’s the latter one, the bright colours are great for keeping an eye on the little ones.

Olympic Swimmer for TeamGB Athens ‘04 & Beijing ’08

“Our swimmers love the freedom the AquaPlane gives them in the water. It works wonders for their technique.”

Chris Cook / Olympic Swimmer for TeamGB Athens ‘04 & Beijing ’08
AquaPlane is Endorsed by Commonwealth Swimmer

“I use AquaPlane to help children increase confidence and adopt the correct body position when learning to swim.”

Dan Coombs / Commonwealth Finalist Delhi ‘10 & Swimming Instructor
Puddle Ducks

Aquaplane is endorsed by Puddle Ducks. Puddle Ducks teach over 20,000 children to swim across 34 locations in the UK.

Puddle Ducks / Teaching over 20,000 kids in the UK

AquaPlane and the Swimming Journey

Wear It – Beginners

Aquaplane is first worn as a back-float to develop the most important learning factor, confidence. Aquaplane’s design encourages the correct swimming position and allows freedom for the arms to be used.

Step 1 Wear it, instructor swimming aid

Wear It – Back Stroke

This is where Aquaplane comes into its own!! Aquaplane has a wider surface area than other swimming aids on the market, which gives the child much more support on their back, therefore greater confidence levels. Reducing the learn-to-swim time dramatically.

Hold it – Intermediate

Once children have developed confidence using a specific piece of equipment, taking it away from them only makes them nervous, and usually reduces confidence levels.

Aquaplane simply stops this situation happening! Simply remove the straps, turning Aquaplane into a streamlined kick-board that the child can hold onto for their next stage of their swimming journey.

Kick board for swimming instructors
Advanced swimming aid

Develop with it – Advanced

At this stage your child would be water confident have a good swimming ability. AquaPlane can be used as a back-float to perfect breathing to the side, offering support when rolling to the side.

AquaPlane can also be used as a kick-board in stroke technique sessions for all four strokes.

AquaPlane Swimming Aid (Multiple Colours Available)



  • Revolutionary Multi-functional design used throughout the swimmers journey
  • Develops water confidence
  • Improves technique
  • Most suitable for children 15-30 kgs and ages 3 upwards
  • Available in 6 bright vibrant colours
  • Straps included
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AquaPlane Extra Straps


In case of loss or damage, you can order extra straps. The Aquaplane strap is a robust and sturdy design, leaving arms free from resistance, improving stroke development & nurturing water confidence.

Each pack contains 2 straps.

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