Its an exciting start to 2019 already for our award winning children’s swim teaching aid Aquaplane.

The STA (Swim Teachers Association) has chosen Aquaplane to become a corporate partner which began this year.

Aquaplane will assist the STA in raising the awareness of learning the life skill of swimming. Along with many of their other water safety initiatives

“It’s a pleasure to work along side such a big organization as the STA. We sing from the same hymn sheet, aiming to increase swimming participation. Helping increase numbers of children being able to learn the life skill of swimming”. Chris Shore, Director Aquaplane.

Our Award winning swimming aid is already being used by over 150 swim schools across the U.K.

For more information about the STA and what initiatives they have running this year, please click the link below.

STA Events

Interested in using Aquaplane at your swim school?

Please send an enquiry form using the link below.

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