“Aquaplane is the Best Swimming aid for our Holidays!”

We’re thrilled to receive this review including pictures from a Lady who’s not only a parent of twins, but also a swimming teacher herself.

Aqua-planes v twins on the beach..

“We first got the aqua-planes to use in the swimming pool for our twins that are a handful and love to venture off on there own. We found that in the pool they were fantastic and gave the boys so much confidence and they found them so comfortable to wear and a fantastic swimming position.

This year we took the aqua-planes on holiday to the beach and found them to be fantastic. The boys could wear them all day and still play on the beach building sandcastles and then venture to the water climbing in and out of the dinghy and floats because they had full use of there arms with nothing round them and with no worries about falling into the water.
As parents it put our minds as ease knowing that they were safe around the water with the aqua-planes on and they were able to enjoy there time at the beach safely.”
Jacqui Egan
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