We LOVE hearing your Reviews of our Aquaplane!

Aquaplane was designed to make a difference to those learning the life skill of learning to swim, Just Like Teddy!!!

Take a quick look at how Aquaplane has helped this young boy!

Our Swimming Essential this Summer- Aquaplane Review

Thank you Teddy and his wonderful Team Stein Family!


Happy Swimming!

2 thoughts on “Aquaplane Review

  1. Nicolle says:

    My daughter has special needs swim lessons, they have introduced aquaplanes to their lessons.
    The difference in her confidence in the water with her aquaplane is amazing, and it’s also given her some Indepence.
    She really enjoys wearing the aquaplane, that following lessons she doesn’t want to take it off!
    She believes that she is Buzz lightyear wearing it.
    We love it that much that we are going to purchase one for home use when we go to the local pool.
    Really wish we had found aquaplanes sooner!!!

    • Chris Shore says:

      Thank you for your kind words!
      We love the fact that Aquaplane is making a real difference!!!

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