AquaPlane has helped a six-year-old boy born with no arms learn how to swim.​

Swimming coach-turned inventor Chris Shore saw an inspirational video on the Internet of six-year-old Ismail Zulfic, from Bosnia, learning to swim.

Three times a week Ismail’s cash-strapped parents drive him nearly 50 miles from their home in the city of Zenia to swimming lessons in Sarajevo.

There is a lack of state support for disabled children in Bosnia and Chris wanted to help so he tracked down Ismail and sent him an Aquaplane – his revolutionary aeroplane-shaped swimming aid.

Chris, 28, said: “Ismail didn’t have access to any sufficient swimming equipment so we wanted to help.

“I’m overwhelmed seeing Ismail’s face light up when he is wearing the Aquaplane.”

Read the full story here.

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